Crime Stoppers in Montgomery County

In November of 2013, Sheriff Tommy Gage appointed Deputy Steven Squier to the postition of Crime Stoppers Coordinator. Deputy Squier is a liason for both the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and the Crime Stoppers Board of Directors.

The program contracts with a Crime Stoppers call taking program which allows the tip line to be answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by Crime Stoppers call takers. The coordinator handles each and every tip that is called into Crime Stoppers. They corroborate information, research, assemble the tip, direct the information to the appropriate agency, follow-up with the agency on the tip/arrest information, and prepare successful tips for reward distribution.

In addition, they prepare featured fugitives, public releases, felony fugitive lists, unsolved crime stories and more. Although the administrative offices are open during regular business hours Monday through Friday, crime and criminals are out there everyday during every hour of the day. Therefore, the coordinator is on-call to the 24 hour a day tip line for pertinent tips and information regarding felony fugitives, unsolved crimes, and prevention of specific criminal activity.

Contact Information
Montgomery County Crime Stoppers Incorporated
# 1 Criminal Justice Drive
Conroe, Texas, 77301
Phone: (936) 539-7867 Fax: (936) 538-3235
Tip Line: 1-800-392-(STOP)7867

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