Campus Crime Stoppers

Dramatic increases in crime and violence on our state’s university and public school campuses prompted forming campus Crime Stoppers programs in an effort to empower the campus community to provide an alternative means to solve and reduce crime. In reviewing school policy and speaking with respective administrators, security personnel, and school resource officers, we discovered, in numerous instances, that there was no formal method for students to report a crime to school administrators. Nor was there a certainty that an effort would be made to solve the reported crime, recover stolen property, or to apprehend the person(s) responsible for committing campus offenses.

Many parents, students, and school administrators are frustrated that crime or the threat of violence on campuses is diminishing the learning environment and are asking, “Can anything be done about this?” Often the response from the school is to check in the lost and found or to file a report with a law enforcement agency.

Operated by Conroe Independent School District
Police Chief: William J. Harness
Coordinator: Julie Thompson
Dispatch: 936-709-8900
Tip Line: (888) KID CHAT
Fax: 936-709-9900
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1-888-KID-CHAT (543-2428)

Conroe Independent School District

The district police department provides a 24 hour phone line to receive and react to information relating to drugs, weapons, fighting, bullying, and other crimes or fears of possible crimes occurring on our campuses. The1-888-Kid Chat (543-2428) phone line provides students, parents and personnel an avenue for becoming a ‘Silent Hero’. The process ensures confidentiality and anonymity of the callers’ identity. The Safe School Crime Stoppers is affiliated with the Montgomery County Crime Stoppers Program. Additionally, this department answers Kid Chat calls for the Willis and Montgomery School Districts. These tips are then provided to enforcement personnel responsible for that area.

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