Bearacade® Safe School Program

The Problem

guntimeAccording to the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the US Department of Homeland Security, the average time of an active shooter or hostile intruder event is 11.5 minutes. Average police response time is 12 to 18 minutes. Since so much terror and many casualties occur before police arrive, staff members of schools need to be able to proactively protect themselves and their students.

A Solution

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The Bearacade® Door Control System deploys quickly on any interior classroom or office door to effectively barricade the door in the event of a hostile intruder incident. The device provides valuable time to the occupants of the room and to first responders. Even with accelerating response times, faculty, staff, and students need a solution in their hands to protect themselves during those precious minutes before police arrive.  Read more about The Bearacade® Door Control System on this website and at the Bearacde® website.

Our Comunity Program

communityMontgomery County Crime Stoppers, Inc. (dba Multi County Crime Stoppers), is partnering with local residents and community organizations to raise the funding needed to deploy the Bearacade system in our public schools located in the counties of San Jacinto, Liberty, and Montgomery Counties, Texas. Installation of initial pilot programs has begun in the Cleveland ISD, Tarkington ISD and Splendora ISD with 1000 Bearacade Door Control Systems.  Crime Stoppers Coordinator, Specialist Steven Squier, MCSO and Chief Rex Evans of the Cleveland ISD Police Department spearheaded this project.

If you’d like to help Crime Stoppers MAKE A DIFFERENCE with a donation for our area School Districts to protect our children and teachers, you can contribute on this website.  We are also looking for community organizations to sponsor fundraising activities for a local school or schools in their area. 

For $50 per door, BEARACADE™ can stop a bad situation from becoming much, much worse.  And if just one individual is saved, $50 dollars and less than 8 seconds is well worth the investment.  Every single device is one more classroom full of kids and their teacher, now protected.

Montgomery County Crime Stoppers is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to keeping Montgomery, Liberty and San Jacinto Counties a safe place to live, work, and play.

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