Get Involved

Please consider donating to support our efforts to increase school safety in our community.  You can donate to the general program fund using the form on this page, or you can direct your donation to a specific county or even a specific school district or individual school if they have an active campaign. If your school district or local school does not currently have the campaign to raise funds or if you are interested in sponsoring a district or school, Contact Us.

Money donated will be used for the program you specify. Funds donated to the general program fund will only be utilized for Bearacade programs in the tri-county area.  Funds allocated for more specific campaigns will be used only for that campaign unless it reaches its funding goals.  Any excess money will roll up to the next level according to the following hierarchy:

  • General Safe Schools Program Fund
  • County Safe Schools Program Fund
  • School District Program Fund
  • Specific School Fund